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How to capitalize From High-Interest Rate environment

We have all heard about the FED increasing interest rates and how things are getting more expensive. Your credit card interest is higher, your school loan interest rates is higher, mortgage rates, and much more. Though this can be a financial burden if you are in to much debt there is also a bright side so the average person can benefit.

  • When the FED increases interest rates that the banks borrow from each other. That slows down funding because the banks will have to pay more intrest over time. This impacts consumers because the banks are less likely to give loans and any loans that are being given will have a higher interest rate associated with it. Making it expensive for you to pay over time.

  • Most credit cards have variable interest rates . Which means the interest are subjected to changes based upon what the Fed is doing. Right now we are in a high interest rate environment. Your credit card bill is higher because your interest rate is higher. Lower your consumer debt asap.

  • The average person can benifit from high interest rates. The banks now in turn has to increase the interest rates of there savings account. If you have money in a savings account and not sure what your interest rate is you are doing yourself a disservice. If your bank is not giving you an interest of 1.50% or higher you need to transfer your money out of that account and find another FDIC insured saving account you can put your money into. To earn higher monthly dividends

  • How to earn $23 dollars a month in an fdic insured account with no risk !!!!! Here is how I personally use fidelity cash account which offers 1.57% interest on there account and gives me a monthly dividend to my account. They offer debit cards and are fdic insured. Let's say you put in $18,000 in the fidelity cash account at a yearly apy of 1.57 percent. That is 282.6 dollars a year that you did nothing for ! The bank is paying you that because they are borrowing your money. 282.6/12 is $23.55 a month. Wow that's free money and little to now risk involved unlike stocks or crypto which you can loose a substantial amount of capital.

  • I've moved away from traditional banks that are offering nothing in terms on interest and you all should as well. There are many online banks that are FDIC insured that will give you higher interest and you have all the same benifits. I recommend Fidelity cash account or Ally online bank as well. Do your own research to see what's right for you. I personally use Fidelity.

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