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Servicenow Fundamental Administrator path

Hi servicenow has path ways and courses you need to take before you can take there exam and get certified. This path and exam usually cost money but servicenow is offering the learning path and exam for free. So please take advantage. These learnings will not be enough for you to become proficient in being a ServiceNow administrator and you may not be able to pass the certification .That's why I am offering this class in order to increase your understanding and pass that cert!

ServiceNow Fundamentals is the starting point for all roles to begin their ServiceNow journey. Whether you are looking for a quick introduction to the Now Platform or are preparing for your Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam, this path is designed to target your exact needs. Based on your role, you can decide how far you want to explore this on demand course. Interactive lessons, use cases, and hands-on activities guide you through the core concepts needed to get started - and the on demand format allows you to work at your own pace. Important •The ServiceNow simulator instance provided for hands-on activities is available for two weeks from your enrollment date in the learning path. Following this date, you can re-enroll in the simulator, but any hands-on activities already completed will NOT be retained.•Technical and instructional support for this course is NOT available. Certification •ServiceNow Fundamentals is a key component in preparing for the Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam. •Vouchers are valid for one year and are good for a non-transferable single use.•For more information on vouchers, please read the Certification Candidate Journey Guide and FAQ. Alternative Learning Paths •Need help with this On Demand course? Enroll in Now Assist for ServiceNow Fundamentals by following this link: Now Assist for ServiceNow Fundamentals.•To enroll in a ServiceNow Fundamentals instructor-led class, follow this link: ServiceNow Fundamentals.

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